GSCNC Troop Visits the White House

Girl Scouts Meet First Lady and President Obama

Girl Scouts Meet First Lady and President Obama

On October 7, First Lady Michelle Obama accepted the role as Honorary President of GSUSA. Five girls were chosen from Troop 2288 in Silver Spring, Maryland to be part of the events, which included a visit with Connie Lindsey, President of GSUSA , and GSUSA CEO Kathy Cloninger, as well as a special night on the White House lawn looking at stars through telescopes set up by NASA. We thought, who better to tell you about the event than the girls themselves?


Five girls from my Girl Scout troop were picked to represent the Girl Scouts and meet First Lady Michelle Obama. I didn’t know until we were picked that every First Lady since Lou Lou Henry Hoover has been the Honorary President of the Girl Scouts.  I was nervous, but really excited. The girls in our troop all go to the same middle school and we told all of our friends and teachers about this exciting opportunity. We had a meeting at the Girl Scout office, where we learned more about what we were going to be doing that night and facts about President Obama and the First Lady. We also got to meet Kathy Cloninger, CEO of the Girl Scouts of the USA and Connie Lindsey, the President of the Girl Scouts of the USA, who were both really nice.

All the way to the White House we were kind of hoping we’d also meet the President, so it was REALLY exciting when he was there when we got our picture taken. They are both really tall and friendly. My friend Camille was so nervous she almost forgot her name. They both shook our hands and asked our names.  I felt very special to be there, even if it went by too fast. After we met the President and First Lady we went outside the White House for a NASA event. We saw Jupiter through telescopes and saw some famous astronauts like Sally Ride. We also heard the President give a speech about how kids should get involved in math and science. I think when I grow up I might want to be an astronomer. It was the best night ever and I’ll never forget it.


My experience with the President and Mrs. Obama was awesome! It was a dream of mine to meet the President and Mrs. Obama and meeting them was a great experience. When they walked in my heart skipped a beat! I told President Obama about being excited to meet him and he gave me a big smile.


I forgot my name! I was shaking President Obama’s hand and he asked my name I all I could say was c…c…c… My friend Kristine elbowed me and I finally said my name. Meeting the President was on my list of things to do in life—now I can check that one off.  I was so excited, my mouth hurt from smiling all day.


I was surprised at how tall President and Mrs. Obama were! They were both really nice when we were speaking with them. When I got home, my brother said to me “Girl Scouts get to do EVERYTHING.” I think that is pretty true!


I asked President Obama for a get-out-of-homework pass. He smiled and said “we will have to do something about that.” Then he looked at one of his staffers and asked “Can we get these girls a homework pass?” Even though I didn’t actually get a homework pass, it was awesome to meet the President and First Lady and look at the stars on the White House lawn.

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