Girl Scouts Witness History: Girl Scout Commemorative Coin Act is Signed

Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts meet with GSCNC staff before their trip to the White House.

On October 29, Girl Scouts from Greater Washington Region met with President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama to witness the signing of the Girl Scouts of the USA Commemorative Coin Act. This act authorizes the minting of 350,000 silver dollar coins that honor the 100th Anniversary of the Girl Scout movement in 2012.

The Girl Scouts who attended the event have their own thoughts on the experience of meeting the president and first lady. Read them below:

“I had an awesome time at the White House!  The Oval Office was very clean and neat, but it was smaller than I expected.  The First Family wasn’t as tired as I thought they would be.  They were friendly and inviting.  Bo the dog licked my hand, and then I shook Mrs. Obama’s hand.  Hopefully, it wasn’t too wet!  We all were asked what our troops were doing.  The Obamas asked other things based on our answers.  Mrs. Connie Lindsey, the President of Girl Scouts of the USA, was funny and nice to be around.  I hope I can see her again sometime!”

Katie, Jefferson County, WV

I thought that going to the White House was awesome! The inside of the Oval office was very clean and everything was in order. Mr. President and Mrs. Obama were very nice, and way more down to earth than I thought.  The coin is going to be very cool, and special.  When we walked into the Oval Office Mr. President and Mrs. Obama both shook our hands, took a group photo, and then signed the bill and asked us each a question.  Connie Lindsey was very nice, and helpful to us nervous girls.  I had a lot of fun and am very honored to have had this opportunity.

Mackenzie, Leesburg, VA

White House

President Obama greets Girl Scouts as they enter the Oval Office.

I think President Obama was much different than I imagined him to be because I thought he would give a long speech and have a deep voice.  I think Mrs. Obama is different because I thought she would have an impressive loud voice, but instead she really didn’t speak that much at all! I think the Girl Scout Commemorative coin is cool because they have a coin for the President, a coin for Louis Braille; however, this is the first time they got a coin for kids, such as Girl Scouts. While I was at the White House, Bo the dog came in as a special surprise and so did the First Lady. Also, President Obama asked all of us a question of what we do in Girl Scouts, which we all got to answer individually!

Allie, Washington, DC

I think that being able to go to the White House and meeting the President and First Lady was a great honor. The President and First Lady were very welcoming and friendly.  I was very surprised at how much attention the president gave to each individual girl, it personally made me feel special. I also really liked how President Obama and Mrs. Obama acted so normal even though they are so famous (especially how they joked around with each other and with us girls).

When we arrived at the door of the Oval Office, President Obama himself opened the door and greeted us individually; then Mrs. Obama and Bo greeted us too, once we walked into the room. Next, we stood in front of the desk and took a couple photos with the official White House Photographer. After the photos were taken, President Obama gave each of us one of his own Presidential Commemorative coin, which I thought was a nice personal touch. Then, as the President signed the Girl Scout Commemorative Coin Act, he used four different pens. After signing the bill, we each talked to the president for a moment as he asked us questions about being a Girl Scout.

Elizabeth, Montgomery County, MD

The privilege of meeting President and Mrs. Obama was only present in my dreams. As I walked into the White House I felt extra special and inspired. I wanted to capture every minute so I can share my story with friends and students at my school. The First Family welcomed us into the Oval Office where the signing of the Commemorative Coin Act took place. We all had the opportunity to interact with them. We even met Bo! I’m grateful to be a Girl Scout–they gave me the opportunity to make a dream come true.

Julia, Falls Church, VA

White House

Girl Scouts talk one-on-one with President and Mrs. Obama

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