Guest Blogger: The Daisies are Beating Us!

This year's new cookie, the Thank You Berry Munch, has white chocolate chips and Ocean Spray cranberries. Yum!

Editor’s Note: GSCNC asked for cookie tips and ideas from volunteers and girls and we received a great list, specifically  geared to Teen Girl Scouts, from Kyleigh, a 6th grade Cadette from Troop 5958 in Loudoun, VA.

The Daisy Girl Scouts are beating us!  My name is Kyleigh and I am a Girl Scout Cadette who is selling Girl Scout cookies. This year, between people being a little more cautious with their money, the frigid weather, and me being in middle school, our troop is learning that we have to think of new ways to engage customers. Why does middle school matter you ask? Well, those Daisies sure have a head start selling cookies since they’re so young and so cute!

Our troop has to sell a lot of cookies this year because we’re saving to go on an eight-grade trip, just like we saved when we went to New York last year as fifth graders.  So, for all the older Girl Scouts out there reaching the same conclusions (Daisies have it easy), here are some tips and ideas to help you out:

  • If customers aren’t home, attach door hangers to the door knob with your first name, parent’s phone number, and something like “I am selling Girl Scout cookies. If you would like me to stop by again, or order a box, call…”
  • Be ready to share your troop goals and service projects with your customers—they want to know where their money is going!
  • Make your cookie sell personal and include your name, what level Girl Scout you are, and make sure to say something about bundles, donated cookies, and new kinds of cookies.  You’ll sound a lot more organized and professional.
  • Prior to delivery, wrap your cookie bundles in cool ribbons and tags reading ‘Thanks’ and the title of the cookie bundle.  Did you know that there are some tags available to download on the Little Brownie Bakers website at ?
  • Attach a ‘Cookie Hotline’ number (your parent’s phone number) to every box in case a customer wants more cookies after they’ve enjoyed their first order.

The most important things to remember about selling cookies this year is to stay bundled up, safe, and have fun.  And remember: being a Girl Scout is awesome!

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