Guest Blogs: Girl Scouts Advocate for Healthy Media for Youth Act

Girl Scouts with Miss Maryland at the SummitGuest Blog by: Girl Scout Megan

Girl Scouts Advocate for Healthy Media for Youth Act

Every day I look at magazines and ads that have these small little models posing in clothing that I could never imagine looking that good in. I am not big boned or super small, I am average and right now magazines don’t find my size in “style.” When I found out that I could have a chance of getting the word out that anyone is perfect no matter the way they are I was ecstatic. After training for a few hours with the amazing women putting on the program they told us our schedule and we were off to start an adventure that may change views of women. I was so nervous about meeting all of the Congress men and women’s advisors, so I practiced what I was going to say about a million times at home. The first office I arrived at I felt so comfortable and relaxed and the advisor commented on how great we were. There were a few offices that we visited that were unable to support the bill because of re-elections and such, but we got the word out and that is all that counted to me. Most girls my age couldn’t imagine being an advocate for a bill or anything till their 20s, but I got to do it when I was 15. This event, also made me think, maybe I should try to do this for a career, or maybe be that Congresswoman that would pass a bill like this.


A Day on the Hill—Advocating for the Healthy Media for Youth Act
by: Girl Scout Brianna 

From the jump out of bed on the morning of July 14th, I knew my day on Capitol Hill would be filled with excitement.  I met my fellow Girl Scouts at the Cannon Building on Capitol Hill.  We were placed in groups by our leaders of the Girl Scout Council, who directed and assisted us throughout our day on the Hill.  My day of adventure and discover y started as I met and spoke with different congressional representatives.  I met with a variety of people in different positions and different ethnic backgrounds.  My group even saw Nancy Pelosi’s office and we took a picture in the Illinois senator’s office.  As we walked through the underground tunnels to get to each meeting, it seemed as if we were on a tour; I saw tunnel entrances for the White House and other notable locations.

With guidance and help from my group counselors, we were well prepared and informed about the bill, The Healthy Media for Youth Act, HR4925.  I participated in several consecutive meetings with legislative representatives.  I was an advocate on behalf of the Girl Scout Council to help persuade members of Congress to support our bill.  I gave background information about our bill and shared statistics that tell the impact the media has on youth today.  We even shared stories from our personal life encounters.  Members and representatives also shared their experiences and talked about their background.  They recommended classes and majors for college if we wanted to pursue future employment on the Hill.

After the day settled down, we wrapped up our day with a networking convention.  During the convention, I continued to lobby and advocate, to gain possible new supporters for the bill.  Spending the day on Capitol Hill was a change and new experience for me.  Being a Girl Scout helped open the door to this wonderful opportunity.

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