A sister to every Girl Scout

By: Lidia Soto-Harmon, CEO
I’m delighted to share some wonderful news.

The Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital staff contributed close to $29,000 to the SHARE annual giving campaign – surpassing the goal of $28,000 for the sixth year in a row!  Girl Scout staff sees firsthand the difference we make in the lives of girls and the profound significance of our outreach to girls who otherwise might not be able to take part in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Their commitment and passion to our mission is not only reflected in the hard work they do everyday, but in their unbelievably generous contribution to our annual giving campaign.  Indeed, many staff members gave twice in order to ensure we maintained our unbroken record of surpassing our annual staff SHARE goal!

We are truly fortunate to have such an amazing and dedicated team.  Their enthusiasm and generosity – in spirit and in giving – are an inspiration and example for us all.  We urge you to follow their lead and encourage others to do so!

>> Click here to donate to SHARE <<

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