Youth Reflect on Defining Beauty at Inclusion & Leadership Conference

Blog excerpt from a workshop leader at the Girl Scouts Keys to Leadership conference held in Washington DC last month:

“All eyes on me when I walk in. No question that this girl’s a 10. Don’t hate me ‘cause I’m beautiful. Don’t hate me ‘cause I’m beautiful!”

These lyrics to the extremely popular hip-hop song, “Pretty Girl Rock,” by celebrated young artist, Keri Hilson, have young and not-so young “girls” alike bobbing their heads around the globe. In fact, a few weeks ago at the Keys to Leadership National Girl Scout Conference on Inclusion in Washington, DC, just hearing the intro to this tune brought immediate camaraderie to a group of middle-school age girls who were initially unsure of their similarities. I was pleased to be invited as a workshop leader for this conference which brought together Girl Scout troop leaders, Girl Scouts, and non-Girl Scouts from across the country to learn about and gain skills to become successful advocates for inclusion in their schools and communities. The overarching goal was to empower the girls to embrace their individuality and become stronger leaders.

Click here to read the rest of her blog…

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