Thank You to All Girl Scout Volunteers – Celebrating Volunteer Appreciation Week!

Excerpts from Lidia Soto-Harmon, CEO, Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital Annual Meeting, April 14, 2012 Remarks

It is amazing to be part of an organization so steeped in tradition.  Juliette Low said, “Ours is a circle of friends, united by ideals”. When you combine the fun and friendship with the ideals of service and leadership you help build girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place.


We expose girls to a wide range of skills and pleasures in life. We help them experience achievement through earned awards but we also help them learn how to relax through team building activities and nature. We help them grow through service and personal challenges, but we also give them silliness and fun through songs, sleepovers and pizza parties.  We promise to continue “enhancing their professional portfolios” while teaching them to try new things and to discover their own sense of joy.

We further the mission of leadership in each girl program we run. Just as Juliette Gordon Low encouraged girls to prepare for future roles as professional women and for active citizenship, we help young women become leaders in every industry.  We teach them that the world is open to them and that we need them to make their mark.

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