Why I Give to SHARE

Guest Blog by Mary Gay Sprague

Mary Gay Sprague, third from left, at Camp CEO, Summer 2011

I’ve written lots of briefs, never a blog.  But there’s always a first time for everything.  That’s the reason I contribute to SHARE every year – to give more girls the opportunity for a first time doing things that will help them grow.

Girl Scouts has it exactly right.  The world will be a better place the more girls there are of courage, character and confidence.  You can’t create confidence by simply telling girls they should be confident.  Talk is inexpensive (i.e., cheap) but, alas, ineffective.  Real confidence comes from mastering skills and navigating experiences so that deep down you know you can handle the next challenge life throws at you.  Real confidence comes from having the chance to make your own decisions, and the inevitable mistakes, and learning from them.  These are the chances that come with Girl Scouting.

I served as a Girl Scout leader for many years, and I think I helped many girls become stronger young women.  Because of its focus on leadership development, Girl Scouting benefits all girls, including those like my daughter who are fortunate enough to have ready access to a variety of other extracurricular activities and travel opportunities.  There are many girls in this Council for whom Girl Scouting makes a decisive difference, but who can’t participate without some financial assistance.  That’s why I give to SHARE.  A modest investment covers the cost of a girl’s registration and troop activities, support for leaders through the Young Leaders Program, and camp fees, among other things, but the return in terms of competence and confidence is profound.  SHARE makes this possible.  I applaud GSCNC for its commitment to delivering the Girl Scout program to as many girls as possible throughout the Council, regardless of financial resources.  I know my contribution is being used wisely.