Guest Blog: My Girl Scout Intern Experience

Layilah hard at work at the Council office.

Layilah hard at work at the Council office.

My name is Layilah Nasser; I am senior at Watkins Mill High School and a Girl Scout Ambassador! I had the honor and privilege of becoming an intern for the Public Relations Department. I have been a Girl Scout since the first grade and I always had a dream of either becoming the CEO of Girl Scouts (which of course can still happen) or becoming a member of the office!

This has been an amazing hands-on learning experience. I couldn’t be anymore thankful to have Nancy Wood as supervisor as well as Breauna and Deborah as co-workers! I had the opportunity to run the art contest and the cookie recipe contest, which was a really fun but stressful experience.  We had SO many entries, but it really helped me develop my management and organizational skills. I also had the chance to record and take part in a variety of events. Running the social networks were awesome because I was able to connect with people from all around council!  This experience helped me see the behind the scenes action at the office. It really makes you appreciate all the hard work and effort everyone in the office puts in to making events, shows, and meetings successful.

The one thing I love the most is being able to see the passion each department truly has for this organization. I remember coming in my first day and seeing Lidia, with a big bright smile on her face. So I asked her, “why are you so happy?” She replied “I just love my job, I love waking up every morning to come here.” I will never forget those words because they are just so inspiring to me. I think that it’s always the little things that can make some of the biggest impacts. My Girl Scout experience in general has made such a huge impact on my life, from learning how to make s’mores to traveling to the White House to ask the Deputy Administrator of NASA about STEM. The skills and the experiences have molded me into an outgoing, hardworking and determined young woman. I am proud to say that I am a Girl Scout.

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