Sudden Service: Girl Scout Opportunities, Guest Blog by Kitty A

MMPA Genna davixOn Wednesday, May 29, my friend Kathryn and I got the chance to go the Motion Picture Association of America, in Washington, D.C., to learn about women and girls’ roles in media. I was really excited because Academy Award-winning actress Geena Davis was going to be a speaker and I had never met a movie star before. I think the first time I saw Beetlejuice, in which she stars, was probably when I was seven years old and it’s still one of my favorite movies.

By 6:30 pm everybody had arrived. There were about 80 attendees overall, including some distinguished guests like Senator Chris Dodd, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, and of course, six Girl Scouts including me. First there was a reception with all sorts of little finger foods, including crab cakes and sliders (which were delicious). Afterwards, Ms. Davis was interviewed by Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro about her non-profit research based organization, the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in the Media. Ms. Davis pointed out some very interesting facts, like how in crowd scenes, the population is 83% men, and 17% women. She also stated that women are shown in the same amount of clothing in Rated G movies as in Rated R movies.

When the interview was finished, we (the Girl Scouts) got the chance to take a picture with Ms. Davis and Congresswoman DeLauro. They were both super nice. When the Congresswoman asked if we had done any big projects with our troop, I told her about our garden, the Thomas Jefferson Middle School Community Garden, in Arlington, Virginia. We started it when we were Cadettes for our Silver Award project and have donated over 800 pounds of produce to the Arlington Food Assistance Center, our local food pantry. She thought that was great.

While waiting for our ride home, Ms. DeLauro came outside and asked me how the garden was. I was really happy because I had never thought that somebody so important with so many things to do would remember that! Overall, the night was amazing and it was a once in a lifetime experience that I am glad I was able to participate in.