Girl Scout Elyse Shares Gold Award Experience

Girl Scout Elyse H. shares how her leadership skills will grow in the future because of her Gold Award project. For her project, Elyse initiated a club for teen girls at Magruder High School where the members learned to establish, build, and maintain healthy relationships with one another and the world.

Girl leaders have been at the heart of Girl Scouts since its founding when Juliette Gordon Low recognized that developing girls’ leadership abilities was critical to ensuring they will be the change makers of the future. I know that Girl Scouts is the best organization to offer girls the skills they need to be successful leaders. Girl Scouts believes that a leader is defined not only by the qualities and skills one has, but also by how those qualities and skills are used to make a difference in our world.  I feel through completion of my Girl Scout Gold Award project that I have the leadership skills necessary to make a difference in our world.

Gold Award  Elyse H

Initiating a GirlsUp Club at Magruder High School dedicated to teen girls making healthy relationships has afforded me the opportunity to discover myself. I discovered the building blocks of a healthy relationship are communication, trust, respect, and boundaries. These define how you act in a healthy relationship. I also discovered myself by developing a strong sense of who I am and my positive values; gained practical life skills; sought challenges in the world, and developed critical thinking. Through the hands on learning experiences and education club members received, we developed a strong sense of self and the tools to develop and maintain healthy relationships.

My project also gave me the opportunity to connect with other teen girls at my high school. I developed healthy relationships; promoted cooperation and team building; resolved conflicts; advanced diversity in a multicultural club and really felt connected to my community. All of the GirlsUp Club meetings were beneficial to everyone to begin making healthy relationships.

And finally, my Gold Award project gave me the chance to take action. I identified a community need; became a resourceful problem solver; advocated for myself, educated and inspired others and was empowered to make a difference in the world. My efforts through completion of my Gold Award Project have served to make one small part of the world a better place.

Through the help of my Girl Scout troop and the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, I see myself as having the courage, confidence and character to extend my leadership skills to a new platform in college.  Whether I rely on these skills to ensure I always engage in healthy relationships or extend my leadership skills to initiate a GirlsUp Club in a university setting, remains to be seen.  What I do know is that Girl Scouts has provided me the leadership skills that I will rely on for my lifetime.  Ultimately, by completion of my Girl Scout Gold Award, I am confident my Girl Scouting experience has provided me the leadership skills to make a difference in the world.  And, I cant wait to get started!