Girl Scouts on the Hill: Read about their experiences

Girl Scout Congressional  Aide: In the office of Congressman John Conyers Jr.

Guest Blogger: Girl Scout Meghana Doddapaneni


As a part of the Congressional Aide program, I had the amazing experience of working as an intern in Congressman John Conyers Jr.’s office on Capitol Hill. I was fortunate enough to get an inside look at the political process of our country. I also loved getting to work with all of the staffers in the office who were able to show me how a representative’s office functions. Working in a congressional office made me realize how much it really takes to pass a bill while considering an entire country.

Some of the tasks I performed included drafting constituent mail, making calls to other offices, and conducting research. By getting the chance to draft letters to constituents and do research, I was able to learn more about the issues that the citizens of Detroit are dealing with and Congressman Conyers’s views on certain topics. I was also able to attend a summit about solutions to unemployment among women and visit the Capitol building to deliver an amendment to the hopper. I am very grateful to Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital and Congressman Conyers’s office for this incredible opportunity to witness a congressional office in action.

Thank you again for such a wonderful experience. I truly enjoyed it.

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