Guest Blog: Nhi’s Experience on the Hill

As a Congressional Aide, Girl Scout Nhi N. spent a week shadowing the office of Congresswoman Kay Granger. Nhi writes about her experience below.

















This summer, I had the pleasure of shadowing the office of Congresswoman Kay Granger of Texas. Even though I was unable to physically meet Congresswoman Granger since Congress was in recess, I had a fantastic time learning and observing the inner workings of Congress.

My daily tasks including reading and sorting mail and answering constituent phone calls. Though most of this work was at a desk, I had the opportunity to explore and shadow tours of the Capitol. With that being said, I definitely got a lot of exercise. Capitol Hill is huge!- Thank goodness I wore sensible shoes every day.

While answering phone calls, I had several interesting experiences speaking to the Congresswoman’s constituents. Who knew that people could be so “passionate”? But in all seriousness, these conversations made me realize how unfamiliar I was with our nation’s many issues. This in turn sparked my interest in public policy.

I have come to truly understand that our members of Congress stand for the people. They speak for the voices behind them. With this, I would urge anyone to reach out to their representative. Trust me, your voice will be heard.

I would also like to take a moment to shine a light on the staff behind the various members of Congress. Though they work behind the scenes, their jobs are so crucial in ensuring efficiency and the success of the office.

Coming out of this program, I have gained a great deal of insight into our government. I will take this experience under consideration as I apply to college this fall. In closing, I encourage any Girl Scout out there to apply to the Congressional Aide program. An opportunity like this does not come around often, and I assure you it is definitely worth it.