Gust Blog: Elizabeth’s Experience on the Hill

As a Congressional Aide, Girl Scout Elizabeth Q. spent a week shadowing the office of Congressman John Conyers. Elizabeth writes about her experience below.

IMG_20140808_162705_903 (1)

I was lucky enough to be placed in Congressman John Conyers’s office in early August. Even though Congress was out of session I still got the chance to help with events on the Hill like the African Leaders Summit with one of their panels early in the week. It was an amazing experience getting to greet foreign heads of state as well as listen in on the panels which were focused on the future of Africa.

I enjoyed the work atmosphere. The week I was in the office was also the week of the Congressman’s primary victory. Most of the staff returned afterwards with smiles and stories to tell of the victory before they set back into their regular routine. Even though they were out of session I learned that Congress never sleeps. All week we got a steady stream of callers to respond to.  

The staffers were so accommodating and nice. On my first day walking in I was very nervous, but I quickly realized that they understand that this is a learning experience and that the staffers were open to answering any and all questions I might have.

Meeting the other Girl Scouts in my week was also an amazing experience. Groups of us would have lunch in our respective cafeterias but the tables outside of the Library of Congress were a group favorite. It was exciting to meet other Girl Scouts who live in the area who have the same interests as me who I otherwise wouldn’t have had the pleasure of meeting.