Give the Gift of Girl Scouting

From the Desk of Faye Fields, President of the Board, Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital

I am thrilled to serve as the new President of the Board for Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital. In my new role I have the opportunity to give back to an organization that provided me, as a young Girl Scout, with so many wonderful experiences. I am proud to give both my time and treasure to support Girl Scouts. And I realize I am not alone. As we approach the end of the year, what an appropriate time for me to show my appreciation to all of you, who give so generously to Girl Scouts. In this, my inaugural blog post, I thought it fitting to discuss philanthropy, a topic that is close to my heart.

fayeI personally give to Girl Scouts because I want more girls to benefit from the incredible opportunities Girl Scouts offers. I want all girls to have the chance to camp, earn badges and connect with their community to make positive changes. I also hope to set an example of philanthropy for other women and girls. When we give, we teach girls selflessness, compassion and the importance of giving back to the community.

I also believe it is equally important to be generous with your time. Each one of us has a responsibility to help cultivate the next generation of girl leaders, and there is no better way to do that than by volunteering. I have seen the benefits of mentorship firsthand, participating in Girl Scout Camp CEO, a week-long program where teen girls are paired with successful businesswomen and leaders.  I know if we increase access to female role models and mentors for young girls, there is no limit to what girls can achieve.

Your contribution of time and treasure ensures that every girl has the opportunity to develop the leadership skills she needs to succeed in life. At Girl Scouts, we know that when girls succeed, so does society, yet Forbes Magazine reported that only seven percent of all philanthropic dollars are invested specifically in programs for women and girls.

I challenge you to change this number. Women in the U.S. have the capacity to give an estimated $230 billion a year. We can do better directing resources to organizations that develop and empower girls.  As you begin to plan your year-end charitable giving, consider what a donation to Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital can do. To women who run foundations and corporations, consider directing your philanthropic gift to organizations that impact girls’ lives.

You can help girls grow in courage, confidence and character. Your contribution will directly provide local Girl Scouts with financial assistance to cover her membership dues, program materials, uniforms and camp fees. Help us develop volunteer resources, so that passionate adults have the necessary skills to work with and make a difference in girls’ lives.

Invest in a girl and she’ll have the opportunity to go camping for the first time. She’ll develop a lifelong appreciation for nature and respect for the environment.

Invest in a girl and she’ll have access to STEM programming. She’ll gain new confidence in her abilities and learn to look at the world around her with renewed curiosity.

Invest in a girl and she’ll change the world.

Because of your support, last year, we said yes to girls from families unable to afford Girl Scouts, and distributed $630,000 in financial assistance.  Help us again this year, give the gift of Girl Scouts!