My Favorite Camp Memory: Denise Viau

Denise Viau first fell in love with camping as a Counselor In Training at Girl Scout Camp Welaka in Florida, and has not stopped camping since. Thirty three years later, Denise is now the Camping Manager at Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital, the culmination of a lifelong dream.

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My favorite memory as a CIT was on an overnight canoe trip down the Loxahatchee River. The trip ended up taking MUCH longer than we anticipated, our CIT Director kept telling us the end was “just around the next bend.” Our tempers were getting very short, we were tired, hot and hungry. But then something clicked we came together as a team, we supported each other we laughed we sang songs we become friends! To this day, I cherish those friendships.

The next summer I was hired as a Unit Counselor, my dream job. In a journal entry on my first night on staff I wrote that I had a new dream that I would return to camp for many years to come and perhaps someday I might even become a Camp Director. Dreams really do come true and camp really does give kids a world of good.

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