My Favorite Camp Memory: Jan Verhage

Camp CEO 001 (630)

As a Girl Scout growing up, Jan Verhage fondly remembers meetings with her troop leader, Mrs. Rogers, and summers spent at Girl Scout day camp. Jan dedicated 25 years to Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital as CEO, and remains a treasured part of our Girl Scout family. 

I have a million memories that range from the sublime to the totally ridiculous.  Like the time we put Green Fizzies down the latrine at Redwood Day Camp, to the shy camper who amazed herself (and everyone else) when she made it to top of “Old Greyback” (an 11,500 ft. peak in California), to the night that the sing-down in the dining hall lasted until way past bedtime. Nothing could be better.

As a learning laboratory, the out of doors has no equal.  Science, stewardship, harmony, bravery, strength, understanding—these can all be taught through outdoor education.  In nature, girls are free to explore the world around them, test their limits, and build the courage, confidence and character that will lead to a successful life.  Through Girl Scouting, girls have the perfect opportunity to expand their horizons and strengthen their resolve.

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