My Favorite Camp Memory: Susan Kabat

Once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout—especially when you’re Susan Kabat, a camping specialist at Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital. From a Brownie at sleep-away camp in the Lake Erie Council to a Counselor-in-Training in Colorado to an employee at Girl Scout Camp in Alaska, Susan’s passion for camping has taken her across the country. This year, Susan celebrates her 25th year as a Girl Scout.


My favorite memory is still the closing campfires from Camp Crowell/Hilaka in Ohio. We had a huge lake where we would have the campfires and we would walk from the dining hall to the beach with luminaries lining the path and we would sing “On My Honor.” When we got to the beach we would sit quietly and wait to see the canoes come out from behind the island with the floating campfire between them, they would bring it to shore and light all the torches, one for each unit and then the ceremony would start. It was absolutely amazing!

I think camping and outdoor education are important for girls because it gives them a safe space to try new things and step out of their comfort zone, knowing that they have support from the camp staff and the other girls in their unit who might be trying the same new thing for the first time too. I would certainly not be who I am today without my experiences at camp and in the outdoors. These experiences help me learn who I was and how to be a leader, I only hope that I can help create the same experiences for the next generation!

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