Staff share their camp memories

Do you remember the first time you pitched a tent, or your first night sleeping among the stars? In this blog series, members of the Girl Scout family share their fondest camp memories and discuss why outdoor education is important for girls.

“One of the best parts of camp for me was having the international staff of camp counselors. We would have a huge international flag ceremony and it was so exciting for me as a young girl to see Girl Scouting stretch beyond what I could see. They shared parts of their culture with us, and allowed us to learn about their countries. I would come home from camp and tell my parents about the counselors I met from Hungary or from England.

Going to camp now as the director of the Washington County Day Camp, it makes me feel like I’m a girl again. Sleeping in a tent, singing songs—it brings back memories of Camp White Rock, and makes me feel like I’ve come home.”

Anastasia Broadus, Director of Washington County Day Camp 

“Even though I was not in Girl Scouts growing up as there were no troops in my rural area, I camped quite a bit.  One time, I led a group to camp out under the stars and a full moon.  It was beyond gorgeous.   We were awakened in the wee hours of the morning with Black Angus cows within inches all around us.  It was a very humbling feeling to be surrounded by cows on the grass level.  We could hear their teeth chewing the grass in high definition.  My friends who were with me still comment on that night. It is a cherished memory.”

Tammy Worcester, Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital Property Manager 

“My favorite memory from my time in Girl Scouts was my mother coming as a chaperone to our Encampment when I was a Brownie! Spending the weekend with my troop learning new skills, trading swaps, and playing games was one of my fondest memories as a child, and having my mother be a part of it is really what makes that memory so special to me.”

Kate Fontaine, Membership Specialist, Association 54

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