Guest blog: Congressional Aide


I thoroughly enjoyed my experience as a Congressional Aide for Congresswoman Comstock during the week of July 25-29. Through my experience, I was encouraged to engage with constituents in person, through tours, or over the phone. This allowed me to see just how big a role people can play in influencing legislature.

My favorite part was helping with tours because I got to meet people and see and learn about beautiful buildings like the Jefferson Library of Congress. Furthermore, I gained experience in an office setting and developed interpersonal skills that will help me as I proceed in life, especially in college. This was also a great opportunity to have a new perspective of Washington D.C. because to me it has always been a tourist destination nearby, but now I can see just how much it holds based on firsthand experience. I highly recommend this opportunity for other Girl Scouts because not many people can say that they have shadowed on Capitol Hill.

~Girl Scout Ambassador Caroline K.