Congressional Aide: Madelin’s Week on the Hill


Being a Congressional Aide was an amazing experience.  I was in the office of Representative Brenda Lawrence from Michigan, and although she was away at the Democratic National Convention all week, I had a great time.  The staff was so nice and welcoming, and they fostered a great working environment.

One of the things that I was tasked with was writing emails to send to constituents.  At first it was scary because I felt unsure of what I was doing, but thanks to help from the other interns, it became easy!  I attended two briefings, one on after school activities in rural schools and another on NASA.  Both of them were interesting, and it felt so amazing to be walking around Capitol Hill with a purpose.

Throughout the week, I learned so much.  I had never worked in an office environment before, so it was interesting to see what it was like.  I even learned to answer and transfer phone calls!

I would do it again in a heartbeat. Congressional Aide was an eye-opening experience!

~Girl Scout Ambassador Madelin F.

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