March Magic Training Blitz

Guest Blogger Girl Scout Jessica Theis

Who knew cooking eggs and bacon outside could be so much fun! I joined hundreds of other Girl Scouts and volunteers at Girl Scout Camp Potomac Woods over a weekend March 17-19. March Magic Training Blitz was an experience I won’t easily forget.

I got to take a few different classes to spice up my camping cooking skills. The instructor of the Crazy Cooking class taught me how to cook a hotdog in a milk carton. Yes, you read that correctly!  The instructor wrapped the hotdog in tin foil, then put it in the milk carton. Then, she lit it the whole thing on fire! When we opened the milk carton, I was shocked to find a fully cooked and edible hotdog. The leader also showed us how to cook bacon and eggs in a paper bag by putting the bacon grease on the inside of the bag so the food wouldn’t stick. We then placed a few strips of cut bacon and eggs inside the bag, poked a stick though the bag and then roasted it over the fire.

We also made a gingerbread in an orange and a cake, and a mini pineapple upside-down cake cooked in a chicken tin. It was so cool!

I also took the Survival Fire Class, which taught us how to start fires and make waterproof matches.

All in all it March Magic was a fun event. I enjoyed meeting Girl Scouts from all over Maryland and Virginia, and I can’t wait to show the girls in my troop all the interesting things I learned when we go camping.