I Dream


Girl Scout Emmie delivering poem, I Dream

By Girl Scout Emmie

I Dream…

I dream of a world that can be created

Through imagination, everything unique

Something to leave us people fascinated

Something old, something chic.


I dream of a world that can be saved

Through leadership, run by the fair-minded

Supporting all those who fought and braved

Helping all those who have been blinded


I dream of a world that can be shared.

Through common ground, through sensibility

Social media, news media that even dared

To take a stand and break the tranquility


I dream of a world that can be… for girls

This world will be created by girls that think

shaping, designing, reusing what we know

Inventions and innovations at the brink

Of bringing the world out of its woe


This world will be saved by girls that lead

With kindness, compassion, grace, and smarts

To eliminate all the nations in the world’s greed

Striking fear and grace in the criminal’s hearts


This world will be shared by girls that empower

That advocates for a cause; that stands up for herself

These girls will be the ones that let the world flower

In democracy, one for all, and all for oneself


This world will be… by girls

© 2020 I Dream Emmie Voss