Girl Scouts Maker Day

By Anna McDonald, Girl Scout Senior, Girl Squad

MD 7MD 6From facial recognition to creating your own patch to robot demonstrations,  Girl Scout Maker Day was packed with fun md 1demonstrations and interactive educational activities. On May 19th, my troop and I joined hundreds of girls in this exciting STEM event.

What is a Maker Day you might ask? Maker Days around the country feature booths where kids explore the many wonders of STEM while watching or participating in demonstrations to show how interesting and entertaining STEM can be! The goal is to expose kids to STEM and allow them to make and explore while learning new concepts.

While there, I walked around the many booths to get the full experience of maker day. I saw such things as a table making shrinky-dink swaps, a booth teaching girls about the science behind slime, a booth teaching girls about solar energy, and many more! When asked what she learned, Girl Scout Mia said, “I learned how to solder; I learned how they made this robot; I learned how to use a 3D pen; and I went through a plastic tunnel where I learned how to not use as much plastic.”

When I was there I saw many girls with wonder in their eyes as they ran from booth to booth exploring all of the amazing things STEM has to offer. After asking a group of Girl Scouts there what their favorite parts about Maker Day where, one responded with “I like how you get to experiment with different things.”For their booth they aided girls in making slingshots. Maker Day is a great opportunity for girls to become exposed to STEM. It allows for an educational experience where the girls there have tons of fun in the process.