I Am Becoming –A go-getter, an innovator, a leader… a Girl Scout.

Being a Girl Scout is an experience, from your first bridging ceremony to your first journey with you troop. Girl Scouts are always learning more, aiming for higher achievements and becoming better.  Three girls shared their experience at Michelle Obama’s Becoming book tour. They told us what it meant to  be at the event, and how Mrs. Obama inspired them to think about ways they can change the world.

Surrounded by thousands of fans, supporters and Girl Scouts former First Lady Michelle Obama hosted a intimate conversation about her new book Becoming. She talked about her journey from girlhood to the White House, and how girls can achieve anything they put their mind to if they have the courage to go for it.

Girl Scouts all over the country had the opportunity to attend and open the show for   Mrs. Obama and listen to her inspiring story. From finding the confidence to beat the status quo at Harvard to being a working mom, Mrs. Obama has been a champion for women and girls everywhere.

Guest Blogger: Zorie G.  Girl Scout Senior
Zorie is a veteran member of G.I.R.L. Squad, she covered the event on social media for the council.

zorie grant - girl squad

I enjoyed when Mrs. Obama talked about how her counselor told her she was not going to get into Law School, but she ended up going to Harvard. That story was very valuable and I feel like every girl could learn from her that if you set your mind to something then you can achieve it. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do.

“As a Girl Scout in my community I am becoming a girl that teaches younger girls how to code.”  – Zorie G., Senior from Ashburn, Virginia

Guest Blogger: Elinor F.  Girl Scout Senior
Elinor is working on her Gold Award and opened the show with a statement about who she was ‘becoming’ as a Girl Scout in her community.


Even though the venue held thousands of people, I felt as though Mrs. Obama could have been talking directly to me. She emphasized and encouraged girls to know their own self worth. This message is one that every girl could and should learn –it was inspiring to hear from someone like Mrs. Obama! This was a Girl Scout opportunity I was both lucky and honored to attend.

I am becoming someone who spreads compassion and gives a voice to the voiceless.” – Elinor F. , Senior from Vienna, Virginia

Guest Blogger: Nova G. Girl Scout Senior

The thing that I enjoyed most while listening to Mrs. Michelle Obama speak was when she talked about the first time she heard about President Barack Obama–and how she also thought it was cliché to date him at first. I enjoyed this because she talked about how girls should always put school first before thinking about dating. I think that every girl could learn to never give up, from Mrs. Obama, because there were plenty of obstacles in her way and she overcame many of them.

“As a Girl Scout, I am becoming a promoter for social justice.” – Nova G., Senior from Washington, D.C.