Guest Blog: Abigail’s Week On The Hill

As a Girl Scout Congressional Aide, I had the pleasure of shadowing in the office of Congressman Gregorio Kilili. 


Abigail BDuring the week long session, I was given the opportunity to learn and experience many new things. While I was there, I was tasked with delivering multiple different letters and packages to different Congressmen and Senators.  In order to deliver these packages, I had to use the tunnels that connect the different buildings.



Starting out I thought that I would never be able to navigate the tunnels, but eventually it became easier and convenient. It was incredible being able to see the different offices of each congressman as almost all of them were decorated to match the state they represented.  Another interesting task that I was assigned was to attend a hearing regarding a Bill that was about to be proposed. I was directed to take detailed notes to give the people in the office an overview of what the Bill was about. If you have the chance you should attend some lectures or go on a tour of the capital. The lectures that I went to were extremely interesting and informative.  I am extremely grateful to have had this experience.