About This Blog

When we talk with our parents and volunteers,  we often hear that they wish they had more insight into developing programs, having important conversations and building networks for girls. It is our hope at GSCNC that this blog will provide that necessary connection.

Here you will find blog posts from Lidia Soto-Harmon, our Chief Executive Officer, as well as blog posts by special guest writers who work with every aspect of the Girl Scout Experience.

The comment space is here for you to respond to our posts with your own ideas, with insight into the topics and with creative answers. We know our girls, parents and volunteers are interested in technology and finding their voice in these online communities. We welcome you to ours.

3 responses to “About This Blog

  1. How To Keep Daisies Busy During Long Ceremonies

    Girl Scout Sunday and Court of Awards are coming up and these ceremonies, sometimes, tend to go on for a period of time. During the lulls in the program, I need to find an effective way to keep my Daisy Scouts (5-6 yr olds) busy. It’s very hard for them to keep still for 1-2 hour program. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  2. We’re going to post this on our facebook page where we think it might get more feedback. If you’re a friend on there, look for it today.

  3. GSCNC’s Camp Winona program, “Camp Getaway” was a truly terrific experience for us! My daughter and I have been attending the “For Girls Only” program since it started at Camp Winona and it just keeps getting better! The director amd her staff are absolutely beyond compare! Can’t wait to attend next summer! Already have three more families from our troop, all wishing to attend as well!

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