Guest Blogger: An aspiring journalist gives her view


Guest blogger and aspiring journalist Ife, on the left, attended the Goodbye Jan Gala

What’s the best way to support Girl Scouts? Thursday May 13, I helped out at the Goodbye Jan Gala at the National Women in the Arts Museum. This was held to honor Jan Verhage’s twenty-five years of service to the Girl Scouts of the Nation’s Capital.  Ms. Verhage retired from her position of Executive Director to accept the position of Chief Operating Officer for Girl Scouts of the USA. A variety of people came out to show their support, many local businesses and professionals who support the Girl Scout organization. My role was to greet all the guests as they arrived.  Among the guests was noted journalist and sports reporter Christine Brennan.  When I mentioned to her that I aspire to be a journalist—she stopped and gave me her email and told me to keep in touch!

All the guests seemed to admire Ms.Verhage’s professionalism and the example that she sets for all girls. Girl Scout Brownie Kalani from troop 335 had a wonderful speech and a beautiful painting she gave Ms. Verhage as an office warming present. Kalani created the painting as part of the show at the National Portrait Gallery. Jan was delighted when she first met her on an elevator to turn in her painting and saw that Kalani created a painting of a group of diverse girls around a bright world passing on the fun and experience of girl scouting. Another Girl Scout Ambassador, Simone from troop 345 also had a few words of respect and admiration to share about Ms. Verhage for her many years of service.

I’m thankful for this opportunity because it introduced me to numerous powerful women in the metropolitan area whom I admire. I was appreciative to have attended the Goodbye Jan Gala to say goodbye to Ms. Verhage, someone who is influential to so many girls in the tri-state area– leading with such character and confidence. This Gala was one the best Girl Scouts experience of my four years in Girl Scouting. It helped me realize the many kids and people you help enable you to prevail. So, keep selling those cookies and help someone along the way.

Thanks Jan,

2 responses to “Guest Blogger: An aspiring journalist gives her view

  1. Dearest Ife, I can see that you will be an excellent journalist. You communicated very well about the ‘Goodby Jan’ Celebration. I was also very touched by the description of when you met the journalist, Christine Brennan, and the chance meeting in the elevator between Jan and Kalani. It’s wonderful that you are in the Girl Scouts and you have the opportunity to explore some of your talents. I look forward to future articles that you will write!
    With Love, Auntie Shukuru
    ps I live in California. I am a friend of your grandmother and I have known you since you were a baby! Please tell your Mom I said hello!

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